Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Bangalore a.k.a. the City of Gardens - well its not very different from back home -Pune.

Well the first thing you notice wen you enter a new 'city' is that you've been cheated by the rickshaw-wala or the taxi-wala.. "its a city thing.. you know what I mean?".. N yeah that was my first observation too, wen i paid a whooping 110 bucks for a lift from the Cant Stn to Indiranagar II (ppl who know this area wud tell you wy they're laughing their wits out).

The other striking observation came while I took a lonely walk down the 'Main's and the 'Crosses'. There were traffic cops out there at 9 p.m.! Thats one thing one wouldn't find in Pune.

I would be understating to call myself lucky being in a place like Indiranagar and not paying a penny for the stay and the food - the rent out here is sky-rocketing wit people shelling out 16.5K per month for a 3B apartment.

The only thing missing here is company - everyone's parted.. going their own ways for careers and higher studies. But thats a phase eveyone needs to pass least once - distance makes the heart grow fonder.. but seriously speaking, with all the tech advances, distance no longer means much to many- we have phones, internet wit messengers and things are jus getting better by the day.. we cud imagine a world as small as a village.

All said and done, Bangalore has treated me quite well for my first visit.. and there's so much more to see out here..


Blogger sunshine said...

make sure you go to pruple haze.. it's a really cool place :)

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