Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another Critic Against Government

There's one thing that an Indian citizen knows well if not anything. That precisely would be cursing the Indian Government and its policies - either in practice or in the making. And rightly too.

Everyone here knows- or rather doesn't know what goes on behind the usually 'seen' handshakes and the 'fights' in the Parliament. Every policy made or to be made is so intricately formulated so as to protect the rights of the 'few' with whom rests the power. Common man is but a mere puppet in the hands of these political masterminds.

A generally seen phenomena about the price hikes (atleast for petrol) is hiking it up slightly higher than required.. then when there is mass rebellion against it, reduce it to a comfortable zone. Why..? If the prices are soaring everywhere, why subsidise? And to what extent. And where are the so called Five Year Plans. Is the committee that 'plans' not updated about the latest developments worldwide and recognise what sort of action needs to be taken so the Common Indian is protected?

The latest RTI Act - probably the most welcome and talked of Act in recent times, needs to be amended? Why? Obviously, since it gives away too much of power to the common man and leaves very little for 'filling the white pockets' with the Ministers. It was a fight against all odds to win the enactment of such an Act. And when it finally came, within months of being rightly used by the people, it needs amendment. There are a few seemingly righteous people like Anna Hazare and Arun Bhatia fighting for the people's Rights.

But there is another side to this.. every coin has two sides. The real reason why people still complain about mismanagement in the Government is simple- they just keep complaining. No one wants to come forward with a solution or a brave decision of not accepting or tolerating injustice. An everyday example of slipping a 100 buck note to the cop is an act of 'tolerance' - as I would put it. Small steps like not committiing a mistake in the first place and then not 'bribing' the next time your caught might help. Try being a little considerate for the 'poor' Government lacking funds required for the 'welfare' of the Indians.

Remember - One person cannot make all the difference. But when a large number joins in against corruption, maybe we could see a more well managed India. And maybe someday, the Common Man will have to power to fight righteously for himself. And maybe someday the policies will be made in the true sense of 'welfare of the people'. The list goes on and on..

Also - Only one failure for a recognised law (in science) can completely destroy its worth.
Only one spark is enough for a flame to ignite.
One weak pillar can shake the foundation of a palace.
Only one - YOU can make a difference to improve the society.
Social Injustice only exists until it is tolerated.

It might sound ridiculous (it did to me when I heard it first), but come to think of it, you really can make a difference. Try it.. Be brave.. But dont be stupid..! Cheers.


Anonymous Ruch said...

awesome post!!
Dude, hmmm, i must say, " i am impressed"!!

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