Monday, February 20, 2006


well.. this one's for the land that most of us worship.. the land of beautiful beaches, sizzling sunsets n low-ly (priced) liquor!
last summer (June 05) was the first time for me to Goa wit pals.. can call it the best time i had till then..

eight of us in a Volvo.. off in the eve at 6-ish.. we hit Amboli Ghat at li'l past midnight and the driver drove like there was no tumaro.. steep slope downwards.. no light.. road is turnin right sharply.. and this guy is on 50k Sumtime's wonder how we even made it to Goa..
well we had a blast at Goa,.. bikes on rent.. beaches all to ourselves (off-season),.. a cafe - 6 Pack to loaf aroung at and all the booze we can probably have for dirt-cheap prices.. wat more could v ask for..

4 days weren't enuf for us.. but pockets were runnin dry so we planned nother one this sem..
this time round it was a diff story.. stayed at a better place (Sterling).. had better food..
and most of all a pleasure to a man's eyes.. it was almost end of season time and Goa was filled wit all the skin we missed on our last trip!.. but well thats a different story

the place jus seems to get better every time u visit..