Thursday, October 13, 2005

Well,.. said

It's your choice how much you let something affect you, no matter how big or small it is.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Profs and Submissions..

I cant find enough words in my vocab to describe the faculty at VIT, Chem Dept. forget describing them during submission time. Well, be it any branch, these a******s can't get enough (sadistic) pleasure making everyone run around as if their lives were at stake. SOBs all of them
Well this is the scene in our dept - a week ago, nobody had done more than 2 of 8 full-imperial drawings. somewhere in the mid-week, our self-assumed HOD comes and tells us that we'll be having our subs on Monday - so 4 days, 6 sheets - fine
whats more we've to present to our biatches our progress in our projects, fine -
whats better is we've to submit a full 15-20 page report on our elective seminar including transperancies -all on Monday??

say again - my vocab is too small - - -

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

God.. ?

yeah.. yeah.. i know its been a really long time since my last post..
this time round though.. i have a kinda hot debate for ya'll

May the FORCE be with you..? (no this is nothin to do with Star Wars)
But in reality is there ANY Force?

The one question that keeps following me is that whether a supreme force, all-powering omni-present even exists.. or is just a fiction of our imaginaton blown outta proportion.. I know i'm soundin like an atheist, but truly speakin, I am..

My point of argument is that if there is God, why do they say, your destiny is in your hands?.. I mean who can believe stories like Lance Armstrong, having a cancer, coing back and then winning the longest cycle race in the world, not once, not twice..

And then there's a part where the Devil, Satan comes into picture. Anything wrong happens, blame it on him, anything good happens, praise the Lord???
Is it some kinda game where humans are meager toys in a fight between good and bad, God and Satan?
Ok, for a moment, even if we conclude that there is some superpower guiding each one of us, where does the question come of Praising him, counting His blessings and Thanking Him for 'em? If He is a superpower, and guiding each one of us, then there is absolutely no need to Praise Him, right?.. and since we dont have any means to see Him, or Feel Him, we start worshipping Idols??? How ill-logical and something so baseless??
And so he guides everyone, meaning good or bad..? will He guide you?.. Now they say, its Satan who guides the mis-deeds of humans..? Why? Or is it just that its a dual-identity playin games with us? What about the terrorists?. who guides them, they do it in the name of Religion, for crying out loud... what religion do they follow, do they praise the Devil, is that their religion?.. or is it just mis-interpretation of what is written in the Religious Books?

Coming to Religious Books, what do they tell you in the end, that all powers lie within you, dormant, oyu just have to wake them up.. good or bad, you have to decide.. plus whats good for one, may be ridiculous for someone else. then who guides these two individuals? Same Him, or one by Him and one by His other half?

I dont mean to hurt anyone's feeling here, neither do i want to shake anyone's faith, but i'd like to know - there must be something that pushes you to believe in Him, praise Him.. - what is it..? or is it just somethin your parents told you to do and the whole world does it, so even I will- kinda attitude?..

I know this is long one, but i need to get some inputs from everyone.. write in
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