Friday, September 16, 2005

iNdiAn AuDieNCe

'Sex sells'.. the saying cannot get more emphasised than in Bollywood movies. Bollywood- a place where movies like Aashiq Banaya Aapne's shows are increased (in a popular multiplex) and those for a patriotic movie Mangal Pandey are reduced.

Obviously, the multiplex looks at it as business. But it reflects on what the Indian audience demand. Mangal Pandey, in my view, told us the story of the sacrifices made by a single hero for ridding the country from the Raj. But movies like ABA, Barsaat, James, etc which arguably have no story make their mark at the box office? Why- one reason.. Audiences prefer to watch pretty girls dancing in skimpy dresses(wont be surprised if they'd disappear soon) than to watch something that narrates bravery. Not that Mangal Pandey failed to compromise to add in some sultry shots, all in the name of selling the movie.

When will the audience wake up and appreciate movies with a moral? Not anywhere b4 31st century I guess??


Just a really nice pic thats taken here.. in PUNE
and I'm telling u something u will never believe. you'll have to come down to my place to believe this..
its EVENING and the Eastern skies..
do u believe me.. no???
Obviously not.. neither did i.. that's why I clicked it.. come over and I'll prove it.. but I still have not found the answer as to HOW?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Yes you guessed it right(?).. the list goes on and on.. its never-ending
How many of us are giving more than one of these just to get into top colleges for a rat-race called Career?

And how few of us know what we really want from a career - money, passion, knowledge.. or all?
I seriously think that with the amount of time, money and efforts wasted on preparing and appearing for these exams, it would take hardly any to first think about the road that follows and why would you like to take it.

So many people just let go or may i say.. postpone their dream, passion, likings just to stick to these so-called career shaping exams.
Not that i have anything against them or against people appearing for multiple exams.. but i have learnt through one big experience.. i'm sure u have too - ENGINEERING
So many students take their post 12th course as Engg just because they dont see anything else ahead.. Everyone's doing it.. why not sail with them?
No aim.. Dont know what Engineering is.. dont know where it takes you..
aah but so what.. they are doing it.. i certainly can.. but to get successful or satifactory rewards for your efforts one needs to see what he/she can do that other's cant..
I may sound a little to philosophical here . but ain't i right?

A DoWnFaL Hath CoMe?

Is it destiny,luck,or fate?
For the giants' greatness to abate..
or just a bad phase?
All driven into a haze..?

But for the creme-de-la-creme to fall all at once is not just co-incidence.. Does it make one believe that stars do decide one's destiny? Or can we say that the year was just a bad one for the topmost sports fraternity?
Although this co-incidence doesn't seem to affect Mr Rapido (All take bow). He just seems tireless.. never ending stamina and pin-point accuracy.

Back to all those who it applies to - Schumi with Ferrari, Man U, Tiger Woods, and how can i forget Australia..?

I feel its just a break- and they all will be back with a new level of greatness.. wat say?

Monday, September 12, 2005

This guy IS GOD


Never was so interested in Tennis.. till i saw this guy.. As of now i rate him best even ahead of Pete Sampras coz he's got a lot of tennis to play..

Sad for Agassi too.. but hey he's got somethin(one) Federer doesn't.. any guesses??

Friday, September 09, 2005


Yello all you bloggers.. post all your comments, complaints now that you have a chance..